Gunsmith Training

Gunsmith training can be broad based, touching on all the aspects of the trade so that the student graduates with a wealth of knowledge and can work in the general aspects of the trade or choose a direction in which to specialize in later on or the training can be targeted to one or a few areas that can be mastered by the trainee. Gunsmiths are people that work with guns, and they are involved in the different aspects of gun manufacture and maintenance. So in order to effectively and safely work with guns, gunsmith training is considered to be essential.

Gunsmiths are able to be employed in industries and by firearm manufactures, in armories of law enforcement agencies as well as in shops that sell firearms. Many students that complete their training also go on to open their own dealerships to create, sell and modify guns. Gunsmith training can be obtained through different means depending on your availability, your financial status or backing as well the type of learning that you prefer. The principal modes of receiving training include:

Through colleges, Technical and Vocational Institutions

There are many colleges, technical and vocational institutions that offer gunsmith training in the art and science of gunsmithing. Many of these courses are general and cover all the aspects of production, maintenance and customization of guns and lead to a certificate or degree. They may also offer more advanced and specialized courses and training as available.

Through the Military

The military by its very nature employs arms daily and they are always ready to get talented young men into their ranks that are able to maintain their arms as well as do repairs in record time when needed. They offer training courses as well as recruit qualified gunsmiths to work with them.


Apprenticeships offer a more traditional route to training to becoming a gunsmith and are usually longer than other training methods. Here the trainee essentially learns from watching, and from experience gathered under a supervisor that is an accomplished and well established gunsmith. This is one of the routes that are favored by the highly lucrative artisan gunsmiths and the reputation of the master usually rubs off on the student.

The governments of some countries actually sponsor students who take this route so as to protect the heritage of the art as well as to ensure the continuity as this represents a highly lucrative sector of the economy as guns made by this route are prized more for their cultural identity and artistry much more than their ability to shoot.

Online training and Correspondence courses

Online gunsmith training is also available for gunsmiths and students that wish to use this medium of study. There are a number of online schools that use this method for delivery of course content to students.

Sometimes the student may also be able to study by correspondence courses and will receive lectures and course notes at home from where they can study and complete assignments, and take exams at the end of the course.

What to expect during training

Gunsmith training usually involves the mastery of different skills like mechanics and working with mechanical parts, metal worker as barrels and other parts are made of metals, woodworker for the stock as well as some aspects of artistry, ballistics, chemistry and the art of precision working.